Oxford Auto Insurance Helps Clients with Low Credit Scores Find Affordable Coverage

Illinois car owners with poor credit ratings can shop for affordable insurance policies through Oxford Auto Insurance. The company helps clients find companies that accept those with low credit scores and bad driving records.

[OAKBROOK, 1/17/2019] – Oxford Auto Insurance helps Illinois residents with low credit ratings and poor driving records find affordable insurance coverage. The automobile insurance broker offers online insurance purchases and plan payments for greater customer convenience. Some insurers also provide instant proof of insurance.

Low-cost Policies for Drivers with Poor Credit

Oxford Auto Insurance works with clients with poor credit. It helps them shop for affordable insurance plans from more than 15 carriers, including Progressive, American Alliance Casualty Company, and United Equitable. The company offers low down and monthly payments, some of which reach as low as $23 per month.

Moreover, Oxford Auto Insurance offers flexible payment plans so clients can change the dates of their down and first payment, as well as lower their monthly contributions.

Minimum Required Automobile Insurance

Oxford Auto Insurance makes sure its clients find low-cost auto insurance that meets the state’s minimum required liability insurance. In Illinois, car owners should maintain vehicle insurance policies with at least:

• $20,000 worth of coverage for property damage

• $25,000 worth of physical injury coverage for each person involved in the accident

• $25,000 worth of underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage per person

• $50,000 worth of underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage per car accident

• $50,000 worth of physical injury coverage for each vehicular accident

Purchasing insurance coverage that covers these five requirements would allow owners to drive their vehicles, but drivers are cautioned that basic liability insurance seldom provides enough protection. Industry professionals recommend getting affordable policies with more extensive coverage.

About Oxford Auto Insurance

Oxford Auto Insurance is an automobile insurance broker with over 70 years of professional experience in the industry. The Illinois-based company has more than 40 offices across the state, 20 of which are in Chicago. Oxford Auto Insurance partners with over 15 insurance carriers and offers low down payments. It also provides instant SR22 coverage, motorcycle insurance policies, and homeowners and renters insurance.

To learn more or to request a free insurance quote, visit https://www.oxfordauto.com/.

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