Can Liverpool finally win the Premier League?

The answer is absolutely yes and they took a massive step closer to doing so last night without even playing as their closest title rivals Manchester City lost away at St. James’ Park to Newcastle United.

That leaves Liverpool still four points clear and if they can win tonight at home in front of their Anfield family of fans where they play Leicester City, then surely they’ll believe even more that this is their year. An eleventh win at home tonight, where they have only dropped two points all season so far will take them seven points clear with only fourteen games to go.

All Liverpool fans must have feared the worst last night when within twenty-four seconds of taking to the field, Sergio Aguero had given City the lead. Newcastle fans too imagine, with both sets of fans fearing how many more City would score in the remaining eighty-nine minutes. It wasn’t to be though as City produced a poor performance even though they did create enough chances to go and win the game. In the end though, Newcastle, who’d not beaten City in any of their last twenty-two games, somehow stayed in the game and got themselves level.

Then with ten minutes to go, City gave away a penalty and Newcastle scored, sending their fans and half of Merseyside jumping into the air. I’m sure most Liverpool fans would have taken to social media to thank their ex-manager Rafa Benitez for giving them a huge helping hand. Remember, it is only four weeks since Liverpool themselves played Newcastle and smashed them by four goals to nil.

Onto tonight then, well there will be nerves at Anfield that is for sure, but you know Liverpool will be quietly confident of producing another excellent performance from the off to get their fans going. If the win comes, which it should, then every Liverpool fan around the world will surely be in no doubt that a first title in twenty-nine years is on its way to Anfield. Some will of course remember two previous occasions where they have come very close to winning a nineteenth league title, but only to go and blow it. However, surely this will be third time lucky.

Tonight’s match is live BT Sport 1 and BT Sport 4K UHD and kicks off at 8pm. It is going to be a very interesting evening of football, for those playing and of course for those teams that are not playing as well.

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