Optimise the Space in Your Warehouse with Mezzanine Floors

Maximising the use of space in a warehouse means taking the focus away from the ground and looking up. The opportunities of space optimisation through adding mezzanine flooring is huge.

[SEVEN HILLS, 1/2/2019] – Any good business owner, particularly one who uses a warehouse for daily operations, looks for ways to optimise the storage and workspace available within the warehouse layout. According to adexgroup.com.au, an innovative method of maximising the space available for operations is through adapting the warehouse layout vertically as well as horizontally.

Building Up for Space

A warehouse’s large open-plan structure can be used for various functions, from storing completed products, spare parts and emergency equipment, to a production area to accommodate machinery and its operators. However, simply looking upwards shows that not all space is utilised. The high ceilings of warehouses offer an ideal solution for improved space efficiency by installing mezzanine floors.

A mezzanine flooring system creates additional floor space. With mezzanine flooring, a business owner can construct additional offices or install more storage options for products and equipment. Building up maximises the space available in the warehouse for various operations, improving efficient warehouse management and reducing overhead costs of additional rent.

A Boost for Optimisation

The key to optimising the benefits of a mezzanine floor is by incorporating the flooring into a warehouse’s existing space. An unobtrusive design that builds around existing support beams, considers workflow, and is mindful of weight requirements and safety restrictions produces a mezzanine floor that improves efficiency and is adaptable to changing requirements.

Adex Group builds mezzanine floors that are sturdy, pre-fabricated and free standing. Their unique system allows for the flooring to be disassembled so that it can be relocated and rebuilt in another location without compromising its safety features.

With over 35 years of building experience in Australia’s industrial sector, Adex Group provides its customers with the solutions that best fit their needs, whilst helping them achieve their desired goals.

For more information on Adex Group’s products and services, call them on 1800 281 303 or visit their website at https://www.adexgroup.com.au.

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