Do we all love a good Premier League title race?

What a difference a week can make it football, less than seven days a go I was writing how Liverpool can finally win the Premier League? Now, it looks as if it is all collapsing around then after back to back 1-1 draws against Leicester City and now West Ham United.

In between those two Liverpool fixtures, their closest title-rivals and current Premier League champions Manchester City have beaten Arsenal and now have the chance to go above Liverpool if they beat their city rivals Everton at Goodison this week. I know it’s all ifs and buts, however if Liverpool had won both their games and say City lost to Arsenal, then Liverpool would now be ten points clear and almost certainly looking at a first league title in twenty-nine years.

I believe Liverpool will still do it though if I’m honest, as all teams have to have a blip at some point throughout the season and at the moment it is their turn. Manchester City had their bad period around Christmas and although most will say Spurs are out of the title-race, even though they’re not, they themselves have had a blip of their own three or four weeks ago.

Things can change that dramatically in football and that has shown in the last few weeks with so-called easy wins not going to plan. I for one love this time of the season, more and more games to discover on LiveSport.Center involving the teams going for the title and that makes for great entertainment. A lot of people complain about too many games being on TV, but there is no way you can have these games taking place at 3pm on Saturday’s. The pressure of one team playing on TV one day after the other has played and vice-versa brings so much more to dynamics to the results.

What is a surprise is that Liverpool and Manchester City don’t play each other in the league again this season having already played each other home and away. However, both sides do have to travel to Old Trafford to face rivals Manchester United as well as both teams having to face Spurs at their respective home grounds too. There is no way the title race will be decided early then and there is so much more to play for with all three teams still able to pick up plenty of points from their remaining thirteen games.

Don’t forget, all three sides, plus Manchester United are still involved in the Champions League as we speak, with all of them having fixtures coming up in the next month or so. Those fixtures alone can serve them in both a good or bad way. Win them and qualify for the next round keeps the momentum going and of course that all but crucial winning mentality. However, lose them and confidence goes but on the other hand you then have fewer games to play.

That is the mentality that both the managers and players have to deal with though, so who will cope with it the best? Well, Pep Guardiola has been there and done it before so does that make him the favourite with City? Possibly, unless that actually puts him under even more pressure than Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettinos. We can only wait and see, one thing for sure is that as a neutral watching this unfold is that I just cannot wait. Bring it on.

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