Tips to Buy a Best Tax Lien with High Returns

A tax lien is a lien on a delinquent property. A property which has outstanding tax amount is known as a delinquent property. Investing in these properties has a high- interest rate from 8 percent to 36 percent. Getting invested in these things is easy when the investor know the process and the rules granted by the IRS. Investors can get a tax lien certificate from the county government. This certificate has an expiry period of one year.

Things to know before Buying a Tax Lien

Understand the Concepts – Read the procedures and rules followed in the tax lien investing process.

How to Buy a Best Tax Lien?

  1. Find the Place where the auction process is going to held. Go to the county website or call the IRS to know the exact place and time.
  2. Search for the Property – The active lien lists are published on the website. Go through the liens and find the best one to invest. It depends on the amount you have, place type or land value.
  3. At the time of the auction process, bid with the highest possible amount than other investors to win in the auction process.
  4. After that, you need to pay the full outstanding amounts with penalties to the county government.
  5. As proof of the investment, the county government will offer a tax lien certificate. Property owners have one year period of time to get rid from the lien.

Things to do After Buying Tax Lien

Due-Diligence – It is important to file a due-diligence report as soon as invested in the lien. This is the only legal proof for the investment.

Informs the Property Owner – For the delinquent properties, features like resell, moving assets and banking are frozen. Property owners may not know who is invested in their property. So, it is required to inform about the investment.

Advantages of Investing in Tax Lien

Tax Lien is a profitable investment. After one year of investment, the investor will get the invested amount back plus the interest from the property owner. If they fail to pay the amount, the investor can foreclosure the property and can sell or do anything with it.

Where to Learn Tax Lien Investment?

One can learn these things in any tax lien education providing companies. Government Tax Lien Network is a well-known tax lien investing Institute Company. They provide premium education to eager investors on how to invest in the best property. They are conducting seminar classes in various cities for free with DVD materials and a smart watch. To get more details about buying tax liens, visit their website at


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