Install and Maintain HVAC Units with AirMaster

AirMaster, a trusted supplier of HVAC systems, offers solutions for heat pump and air-conditioning needs. With over four decades of service, they provide efficient installation and maintenance of many HVAC models.

[WHANGAREI, 26/02/2019] – AirMaster, is a leading supplier of HVAC systems in New Zealand. With over forty years of experience in the industry, their team of expert professionals carries out installations and maintenance services with quality workmanship.

Heat pump servicing to ensure peak efficiency of systems

Heat pumps require regular maintenance to keep them running safely and economically. No matter how expensive the system is, it needs maintenance to reduce the incidence of repairs, operate at top efficiency and prolong its service life.

AirMaster recommends owners have their heat pumps checked at least once a year. The maintenance visits include tightening electrical connections, cleaning air handling unit filters, inspecting for refrigerant leaks, testing the remote and other checks.

Residential and commercial AC services and installation

Anyone wanting to install, service or repair an air conditioning unit needs the help of a licensed technician. Professional installation ensures that the system is secure in the right location and there is no damage from improper wiring or handling.

AirMaster specialises in professional home air conditioning service and installation. The company’s range of units comes in various types and sizes to suit the layout of any home. With years of experience in the industry, AirMaster’s specialists have built a good reputation for fixing and replacing faulty components of air conditioning systems.

Alongside home services, AirMaster also provides commercial AC installation and service. From ceiling cassette systems to wall-mounted units, the company supplies air conditioners made for any size and type of offices around Auckland and Northland. Clients can depend on the quality of their expert team’s workmanship and excellent customer care.

About AirMaster

AirMaster is a leading supplier of HVAC systems in New Zealand. Their team of professionals comes up with tailored solutions to suit any environment, with emphasis on the aesthetics, quietness and energy efficiency of the units. Committed to providing excellent customer care, AirMaster assures clients of quality HVAC systems and expert advice on their electrical and air-conditioning needs.

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