Chrysalis Holds Annual Tree Lift Event for the Summer

Chrysalis Early Learning Centre is providing kids a unique experience of learning from their natural surroundings – and it comes with an incredible view.

The preschool and daycare centre holds an annual event in the summertime that lets kids experience a tree top view of the world. Under the guidance and supervision of professional arborists, kids from Chrysalis are lifted in a safety harness to the top of a large Oak tree so they can see their world from a completely different perspective.

“It’s great that our children get to experience something incredible like this,” says Chrysalis Group Co-Founder Dr. Darius Singh. “Some children in NZ can go through their entire schooling years to adulthood and never get the opportunity to connect with the outdoors like this, and so we feel fortunate to create these lasting memories and feelings of when they actually learnt within or from nature and not just about it”.

The event is managed by professional arborists, who are contracted each year to assess, report on and maintain the health of the heritage 100-plus-year-old Oak and Pohutukawa trees.

“We feel our commitment is not only the right thing to do for the safety of our children and teachers, but it also re-energises the trees, as illustrated now by the most lush and green display seen in years. This all aligns well with our [Gaia] Earth based philosophy of genuinely respecting and working with nature to create calming and beautiful environments”.

This experience of a lifetime solidifies the daycare’s simple vision of giving children “more amazing opportunities and experiences than we ever had.”

Through this, kids become more attuned to their surroundings and more aware of their world, while becoming more courageous explorers. Chrysalis kids are able to practice and develop their decision-making skills, sense of safety and achievement,  and have more confidence in a variety of challenges involved in their play.

Founded by Nikeeta Singh and husband Dr. Singh, Chrysalis Group runs a few of the most inspiring, innovative, and imaginative child care centres found in New Zealand. The founders made the most out of their own personal drive to design and create world class, multi-award-winning, and never-before-seen learning environments where they could proudly send their own three children – and did.

The heritage trees had seen a long history over the last 100 years and before the Singh’s, they were destined to be cut down. “We immediately saw a vision of a perfect Kiwi backyard for children to grow up in. Now five years later, it’s really rewarding to see this vision happening for our very first enrolled baby back in 2015”.

They created a plaque which sits below the Oak and Pohutukawa trees and says it all: “Honouring the Past…Visioning the Future; Our first 100 years….together, alone, marooned; Our next 100 years….together, embraced, cocooned”.

To learn more about their centres, visit the Chrysalis Early Learning Centre website at

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