Some Information on CyberCom’s Online Payment Facilitation: The Easy Way to Accept Credit Card Payments Online

CyberCom Pay is CyberCom’s online payment facilitation product, which is used by New Zealand businesses so that they can accept credit card payments on their e-commerce websites. This is the most cost effective solution in the New Zealand market, with a feature-rich merchant console and built-in CRM.

CyberCom Pay can transact in 12 different currencies with no foreign exchange fees, and provides mobile apps for both IOS and Android. It is integrated with all major e-commerce platforms and shopping carts, creating e-invoices and also processing reoccurring payments.

CyberCom Pay is integrated with Maxmail and Texta, enabling CyberCom to get more value from each merchant, and there are over 6000 merchants in New Zealand. It is a PCI DSS Compliant Payment Facilitator, and is AML/CFT compliant, with a Mastercard Registration Program (MRP) and Visa Third Party Agent (TPA).

There is no monthly charge and no contracts if you have CyberCom’s CyberCom Pay Online services, and they have merchant terms and conditions for legal reasons. Their banking partners will also have a merchant agreement with you for legal purposes. There are very low setup costs, and there is no need to change banks. All you need is your CyberCom Pay Merchant Account to start accepting credit cards online.

There are very low transaction rates with CyberCom Pay, with one new fixed rate of 2.85% for New Zealand and overseas issued credit cards (Visa/MasterCard), 1.29% for registered New Zealand charities (New Zealand issued credit cards).

For new merchants provisioned after 30th June 2017, funds will now be settled same day as long as they happen before 6pm. Transactions after 6pm will be settled the next day. For old merchants provisioned before 30th June 2017, settled in your account within five business days with no withdrawal fees. For more information on email validation tools, email validation software, bulk email validator and verifying email addresses please visit the website at .

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