Overview of the Azure directory

Over the few months, there is a lot of confusion takes place. What is Azure directory and what is the importance of azure directory? Since Microsoft shifts a number of solutions to the cloud. Some of the examples are Office and Windows servers are very common. Well for all these questions solution is azure active directory. Follow us on  azure training

What is Azure directory?

Azure directory commonly known as AAD (Azure Active Directory) is the user management segment of the azure cloud.  By using it azure admins can easily authenticate, authorize and manage all the user access in Azure.  It is a cloud identity management program. This active cloud Directory is serverless and integrates with Azure AD to manage Azure resources. The azure active directory helps your employees sign in access resources. The azure active directory includes users, groups and apps.  This is mainly used to perform identify and access management functions. you can learn more in Microsoft azure certification

Thankfully, the Azure directory federates access to virtually all it resources Whichever be the platform provider or protocol or location. Thus Microsoft is coming forward to establish all their product services in cloud development. In future, we may except some more Microsoft services in the cloud gateway. You can  learn more in Microsoft azure certification

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