****** Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) Market to accelerate CAGR 21% during the forecast period 2018-2023

Enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) include software services which enable organisations to synchronize and share files, documents, photos, videos and more, in a secure way, from multiple devices to multiple people (employees, external customers and partners). The ****** EFSS market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 21% during 2018-2023, leading to a ****** revenue of USD 10.35 Bn by 2023.

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Organizations often adopt such security technologies to prevent employees from using consumer-based file sharing apps to store, access and manage the corporate data that is beyond the IT department’s control and visibility. Enterprise file-sharing products include security capabilities like authentication, data encryption, containerization, and tracking features to protect enterprise data. EFSS allows files to be stored in an approved data repository which can be remotely accessed by employees from personal computers, tablets or smartphones which support the EFSS product.

The EFSS market is classified into four major segments – by deployment, by component, by organisation size, and by end user industry verticals. Based on region, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa.
Based on deployment, the market is segmented into cloud, on-premises and hybrid.
Based on component, the sub-segments are integrated solutions, standalone solutions, and services.
Based on end user industry verticals, the market is segmented into software and technology, media, BFSI, healthcare, and others.

Key growth factors

IT can do away with worries regarding unauthorised company file sharing, with the adoption of enterprise file sync and share. Administrators can set security parameters and create user account permissions to limit accessibility to sensitive data. Content is also typically encrypted when shared and scanned using antivirus software to minimize the risks of data leaks. These advantages increase the adoption of EFSS solutions and services in organisations. The implementation of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs in organisations, increasing penetration of smartphones across businesses, rise in mobile workforce, increasing collaboration between employees and enterprises, and stringent government regulations for data security are some of the drivers of the EFSS market.

Threats and key players

Risk related to security and privacy of files and data, integration, control, compliance and regulatory issues are some of the reasons that may slow down the adoption of enterprise file sharing and synchronisation among various industry verticals and domains. According to Information Week, most organisations are unable to migrate all their files to Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing, and NAS vendors have been slow to use the technology. These challenges often cause files to end up in multiple repositories.

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Some of the major EFSS providers are Dropbox, Box, Citrix, Microsoft, etc.

What’s covered in the report?

1. Overview of the ****** EFSS market
2. Market drivers and challenges in the ****** EFSS market
3. Market trends in the ****** EFSS market
4. Historical, current and forecasted market size data for the ****** EFSS market
5. Historical, current and forecasted market size data for the deployment segment which includes cloud, on-premises and hybrid
6. Historical, current and forecasted market size data for the component segment which includes integrated solutions, standalone solutions and services
7. Historical, current and forecasted market size data for the end user industry verticals segment which includes software and technology, media, BFSI, healthcare, and others
8. Historical, current and forecasted regional (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa) market size data for EFSS market
9. Analysis of the ****** EFSS market by value chain
10. Analysis of the competitive landscape and profiles of major competitors operating in the market

Why buy?

1. Understand the demand for EFSS to determine the viability of the market
2. Determine the developed and emerging markets for EFSS
3. Identify the challenge areas and address them
4. Develop strategies based on the drivers, trends and highlights for each of the segments
5. Evaluate the value chain to determine the workflow  
6. Recognize the key competitors of this market and respond accordingly
7. Knowledge of the initiatives and growth strategies  taken by the major companies and decide on the direction of further growth

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