Connolly Suthers Offers Legal Protection against Unfriendly Neighbours

Disagreements with unfriendly neighbours have the potential to escalate into serious disputes. Connolly Suthers Lawyers provides the people of Townsville and the rest of North Queensland with legal aid on Property and Development Law, particularly concerning neighbourhood disputes.

[Townsville, 18/03/19] — For over a century, Connolly Suthers Lawyers has provided the people of North Queensland with expert legal advice. Specialising in different fields of law, the firm’s roster of lawyers are well-versed in assisting clients with their legal problems. In order to provide clients with a personalised service, Connolly Suthers Lawyers formed a team of lawyers to focus on cases involving neighbourhood disputes.

Legal Assistance in Neighbourhood Disputes

Disagreements are common between neighbours; however, small arguments occasionally escalate into a bigger conflict. In these situations, the enlistment of legal services provides a sensible precaution against worse outcomes.

To address this need, Connolly Suthers Lawyers offers clients legal assistance to help facilitate resolutions in a calm and composed manner. The firm’s team of lawyers works closely with the client in order to determine the best course of action for their situation. In case the dispute escalates further, the firm will assist clients in the proceeding legal action in Court.

Protecting Yourself when Neighbourhood Disputes Escalate

Generally, neighbours are encouraged to settle disputes amongst themselves before taking legal action. It is only when the situation requires the intervention of a third party should lawyers get involved.

Most neighbourhood disputes revolve around issues such as dividing fences, overhanging branches and noise problems. Legal action provides the parties involved with a formal setting where they can deliberate over the best solution for the situation. Moreover, a formal resolution provides legal consequences for the offender should they decide to violate the agreed upon terms and conditions.

About Connolly Suthers Lawyers

Connolly Suthers Lawyers believes that it is a privilege to practise law. The firm prides itself in providing its clients with the legal aid and assistance they need to feel safe and protected. Connolly Suthers Lawyers select associates that share the same vision to ensure that clients receive personalised legal services. The business continues to work with the James Cook University Law School and provides a valuable service to the community.

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