A Detailed Overview on 4G Modem

The 4G modem is based on an LTE wireless network. Standard industrial serial port (RS232 / RS485 / TTL) is available. Support dial-up Internet, Chinese and English SMS, GPRS data transmission and other functions. Suitable for industrial control industry, no need for real-time online, small data volume, serial device wireless data transmission or LTE narrowband dial-up Internet access. Products have been widely used in electric power, environmental monitoring, vehicles, water conservancy, coal mines, finance, street lighting monitoring, thermal pipe network, oil fields, meteorology, security monitoring, media, wireless LED and other industries.

4G Modem Design

Hybrid approach – a mix of hardwired design and programmable design processors. The modem portion that requires flexibility is mapped to the programmable core, using software for flexibility. The remaining computationally intensive and less flexible part of the modem can be implemented in hardware like a traditional hardwired solution.

SDR Solution – A complete “software modem” implementation that supports multiple wireless standards simultaneously on the same chip. With a fully programmable design solution, the solution is fully flexible and can handle a wide range of existing or future standards without the need to redesign new products. The main problem with this solution is that it is more complex and consumes more power than the hardwired solution optimized for the supported standards.

As the industry moves toward 4G, the risk of traditional hardwired design solutions is greatly increased due to development costs and multiple change standards. Therefore, it is critical that a flexible design solution can quickly adapt to changing standards and can be reused in multiple generations.

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E-Lins Technology was established in 1999, which is the leading professional manufacturer and solution provider in wireless M2M/IoT/In-Vehicle. E-Lins’ products dual sim 4g router, industrial 4g modem, gsm router 4g, 4g router with lan port, 4g router with ethernet, etc. are manufactured in-house.

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