The Main Protocols and Functions of Industrial Routers

1. VPN function

VPN is a virtual private network. The function of industrial router about VPN includes two aspects:

(1) Access control.

In the industrial wireless router into the packet control, the premise of control is to send packets of user identity authentication. Authentication protocols generally fall into two categories: PAP (password authentication protocol) and CHAP (challenge handshake authentication protocol). PAP requires the logon to provide a user name and password to the target industrial-grade wireless router; However, CHAP, an industry-level router of all netcom, hashes users’ login information to form new login information to ensure network security.

(2) Data encryption.

2. NAT

NAT is network address translation. NAT, an industrial 4G router, can convert the IP address used inside the network, that is, the private IP address of the all-netcom industrial router, into the public network IP address, so that computers with private IP addresses can connect to the Internet smoothly.

3. QoS function

QoS is quality of service. QoS is a special term in ATM, but it is not used to talk about QoS in IP before. However, more and more applications are using IP of industrial 4G router to deliver multimedia information. As a packaged protocol, IP of the whole network router is inadequate: delay and packet loss. In order to solve these problems, the manufacturer provides several industrial-grade all-netcom router solutions: the first solution is based on the priority of different objects, some devices can send packets to the first; the second scheme is based on protocol priority. Users can define which protocol has the highest priority, which can be transmitted later. The third solution is to do link integration, which gathers the bandwidth of multiple lines connecting two points to improve the bandwidth. The fourth solution is to make resource reservation and allocate part of the bandwidth to certain services in a fixed way. No matter how crowded other protocols of the all-netcom router are, they should not occupy this part of the bandwidth.

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