Essential Instructions for Driving in the United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is one of the utmost artistically different countries of Europe. It is home to emigrants welcoming from 50, unlike nations. Obviously, the hotchpotch of populations means an equally mixed-up set of driving practices. But any UK driving license owner will tell you that this country has its own traffic laws to keep an eye on. Either you own a car or rent a car in London you have to follow the rules. Here are some of the simplest directions that should be monitored at all times:

  1. Maintaining a Safe Distance

This is the simplest and often the main disregarded law which may charge you £300 fine and four black points. Always keep a safe distance from the car in front of you to save your and others life. This can be a lifesaver if the car in front gets slows down to a sudden pause. Ensure that you maintain the discipline of keep distance rather than regretting in future for congesting of your driving license. Through PCO Car Hire you can make your guidance clear toward learning as a newcomer as they provide manuals regarding traffic laws to be followed.

  1. Pedestrian Crossings

To ease the foot-travellers, roads in the UK are symbolized with zebra crossings. These zebra crossings are given up signs, which show that pedestrians are about to cross, and you need to stop with your vehicle and give them respect to do so first.

  1. Driving in the Fast Lane

In the UK, the major thumb rule is that there is always someone faster than your vehicle or behind your vehicle and he/she wants to chase you just because in a hurry. So, you need to turn on the signal and move out of the fastest lane to the faster lane and give a path to the fastest coupe to move on rather than blocking others.

  1. Crossing Lanes

UK roads are consisting of numerous queues. If you have to turn or want to move, then you just need to exit lane just one time because you cannot do that again and again in flowing traffic if you do so it will disturb the vehicles behind your car.

  1. how to deal a case if an accident happens?

The traffic system in the UK is highly systematized, but accidents do occur most often. If you find yourself a cause of any accident even major or minor, here are the rules to follow:

  1. a) If conceivable, move the car to the side of the road to escape from a traffic blockage and smashes with the oncoming traffic. Switch off the car engine and turn on the peril lights to make the motorists on the road aware of your presence especially if it is foggy or sandy.
  2. b) Call the traffic police on the emergency number 999 and wait for them to come.
  3. c) After the police came to the spot they generally exchange information such as your name, address and especially will ask you for a passport if you are a tourist.
  4. d) Lastly, stay easy and never try to escape the accident spot. It will surely suspect you into a very difficult situation in sight of the police.
  5. e) Last but definitely not the least; always be polite, polite and supportive with other motorists. Remember you have to handle others the way you want to be handled.


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