Hair By Russians Launches Hair Extensions Website

Alexandria, Virginia (bizpr) April 9, 2019 – Hair by Russians, a hair extensions company, recently upgraded its website and changed its domain name to provide customers with a better online experience. The site is now easier to navigate and features new buying online options.

Hair by Russians has made several changes to its website. Its domain name has changed from to, which better reflects the business’s purpose. The most significant change is the site’s buy online feature, which allows customers to shop online according to hair color, extension type, and length. The site also includes an about us section, an explanation of the qualities of Russian hair, and a comprehensive guide to hair extensions. This guide provides information about how hair extensions work, the various types of extensions, how to put extensions in, how long they last, and how much they cost. Site visitors can keep in touch by signing up for an email newsletter through a conveniently-located signup form.

Hair by Russians’ website has been redesigned to provide customers with an enjoyable and smooth site visit. A collapsible menu helps visitors navigate to new sections of the site as they scroll down the page to view information. They can easily click on pictures at the top of the page to shop for the exact type of extension they would like to purchase, or scroll further to clearly-labeled FAQs for more information. This setup ensures that customers always have access to whatever information they are seeking, encouraging them to stay on the site for a longer period of time and allowing them to get to know the business on a deeper level. This, in turn, can improve conversion rates and lead to more sales, newsletter signups, and social media shares.

Visit to view the new site and learn more about the company’s hair extensions. Hair by Russians uses Slavic hair and a unique dyeing process free of silicones and other harmful materials to preserve the hair and give it a natural shine. Its extensions are soft and blend seamlessly with natural hair for a classic look. Hair by Russians can be contacted at 703-688-8588. Its headquarters are located at 3242 28th Street, Alexandria, VA 22302.


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