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CyberCom’s focus has always been to help progressive businesses boost their overall profits by using user-friendly and innovative technology, and are the foremost supplier of Internet and WiFi solutions to the hospitality and tourism industry, servicing hundreds of hotels, motels, serviced apartments, cafés, restaurants and bars throughout the country.

CyberCom is also a market leader in online payments. CyberCom Pay helps hundreds of New Zealand entrepreneurs take control of their business with a secure online payment solution which is both simple and cost-effective. Globally,  CyberCom supplies thousands of businesses with the ground-breaking electronic marketing solutions, Maxmail and Texta and the revolutionary email list cleaning solution, Listwise, and this month we look at Maxmail.

Maxmail is an effective high-volume email marketing software for businesses, which is incredibly easy to use with email newsletter templates. The service enables you to send emails directly to your customer’s or prospect’s inbox, and you can create attractive emails with our drag and drop designer, free customisable templates or HTML editor for advanced customisation.

You can achieve higher open rates with email list cleaning and CyberCom’s visual reports let you measure the performance of your email campaigns at a glance. You can export as a PDF and use this knowledge to make informed business decisions and improve your email marketing ROI.

You can also boost your campaign performance by sending your subscribers emails they want to open, and CyberCom’s custom fields let you create highly segmented lists easily. Invalid email addresses are automatically removed to keep your lists clean, as clean lists improve the performance of your email campaigns. In the following months we can look at Texta and Listwise, so for more information on mail validation toolsemail validation software andbulk email validators please go to https://www.listwisehq.com/ .

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