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About the company:


We are the first blockchain and cryptocurrency based index fund services marketplace driven by Artificial Intelligence.


The team under CTO – Mr Alex Grey has developed an Artificial Intelligence bot capable of reading, analysing, opening and closing trades every 0.8 seconds. This is the first Artificial Intelligence developed with such capabilities. The Artificial Intelligence has also well versed with both Spot and Margin trading taking full advantage of the leverage provided.


Why MoniFinex:


Below are some reasons why investing in and promoting MoniFinex is a wise choice:-


  1. MoniFinex has the best compensation plan available in the market.


  1. MoniFinex is already registered with 4 countries. Most people are scared if the company has legal registration documents or not. This makes it difficult for the networker to get investors. But with MoniFinex it will work like a charm.


  1. MoniFinex’s distribution of fund is intelligent. If it was tied up only with ICO then there are chances that the ICO can fail. But here, the distribution is also to crypto trading. The artificial intelligence will be using both spot trading and margin trading to generate revenue.


  1. MoniFinex artificial intelligence is capable of reading, analysing, trading and predicting variations every 0.8 second, no other trading artificial intelligence is developed in such a way.


  1. MoniFinex also has a team of professional traders called from Japan, Israel and Turkey to monitor the AI.


If science fails, humans will be the back bone.


  1. Get instant withdrawal option


  1. Get extra benefits for joining directly under the CEO


What we offer :

First down-line of the CEO

International Debit Card

Free Pre-event tickets.

First among it’s competitors, providing security with SSL and DDoS service

Guaranteed 300% ROI


One of the best offers available


Want to know more?

Name: Vanessa Gamez





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Name: Vanessa Gamez





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