KaratCoin – Establishing a ****** Economy of Future

With a clear vision of establishing a ****** economy of the future, KaratCoin Bank aims to bridge the gap between conventional financial systems and cryptocurrencies, harnessing the power of Blockchain technology. The project is the brainchild of CEO Harald Seiz, who is also the CEO and owner of Karatbars International GmbH. Several entities are also associated with this project, including the likes of KaratGold Coin, KaratGold Coin Exchange, KaratPay, all forming a part of a single “gold chain”.

Product offerings
KaratCoin aims to establish its so called “KaratCoin Bank World Ecosystem”, Consisting of several functions as mentioned below:

  • KaratCoin Bank
  • Karatbit Foundation
  • Gold Mine
  • Karat Gold security house
  • Karatpay
  • Karat gold e-wallet
  • KaratGold Exchange
  • KaratCoin Bank ATMs
  • KaratCoin Bank profitcard
  • KaratCoin Bank coin

Some of the most important ones are explained in brief bellow:

1. KaratCoin Bank: The KaratCoin Bank, is designed to be the first globally acting bank for cryptocurrencies, using Blockchain technology to provide a string of beneficial features. Functions like providing crypto-bank to cryptocurrency related entities such as cryptocurrency exchanges, along with other financial entities such as merchants and servicers. This account will only support CashGold transactions, along with KaratGold tokens along with support for several heavily used cryptocurrencies. It will also provide the KaratCoin Bank credit Card, which is licensed with Visa and Mastercard.

2. KaratCoin Bank ATMs: Another groundbreaking innovation that KaratCoin hopes to achieve is the launch of more than 10000 KaratCoin ATMs worldwide. These ATMs will support CashGold, KaratCoin Bank Coin, some selected Fiat currencies as well as several cryptocurrencies.

3. KaratCoin bank Profit Card: Another revolutionary service slated to be launched by KaratCoin Bank is the Profit Card, a type of a cash-back card. It provides users the opportunity to pay the bank’s fees in Cash Gold, Karat Gold or the KaratCoin Bank coin, with the chance of earning bonus points that can be exchanged for CashGold, KaratGold Coins and KaratCoin bank coins.

4. KaratPay: Developed as an online platform by Karatbars International GmbH, KaratPay is currently a subsidiary of Karatbars Singapore. It provides electronic registration of CashGold as well as allowing users to convert KaratGold Coins into Cash Gold. With future involving a KaratCoin bank takeover on the horizon, KaratPay is slated to be integrated in the larger Karat Coin Bank Ecosystem.

5. KaratGold E-Wallet: Built as any typical wallet exclusively for use within the KaratCoin Bank World Ecosystem, users can conveniently convert KaratGold Coin, along with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, NEM and several fiat currencies.

Apart from the above functions KaratCoin Bank offers various other functions and facilities, with the aim of making a cryptocurrency backed exclusively with gold, and eventually making it a mainstream currency.

For more information on their complete service offerings, visit www.KaratCoin.net

About the Company
The KaratCoin Token (KCD) is an ERC-20 compliant utility token running on the Ethereum Blockchain. They have introduced their own algorithm, which is called Proof of Asset, designed to let operators prove their control over a given amount of Blockchain based asset certificates.

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