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Spam has an over 40-year history of stuffing inboxes with annoying or malicious content. Over 50% of businesses are affected by ransomware usually contracted from spam emails. CMIT Solutions helps its customers avoid these infected messages through their comprehensive Email Security Services.

[Austin, 05/07/2019] — Email spam has been around for over 40 years, according to a “History of Spam” paper by the nonprofit organization The Internet Society. Despite efforts from email suites like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook to mitigate these malicious messages entirely, over 45% of all emails are still spam, internet security website SpamLaws says. Infected mail could help hackers breach private data and even lock users out from their computers. This is why CMIT Solutions offers its Email Security services to clients.

How Spam Affects Businesses

CMIT Solutions found that over 50% of organizations in the U.S. have experienced ransomware attacks that mostly came through email. According to cybersecurity information website CSO, ransomware is malicious software that locks a user out of accessing their data. The attackers then contact the user to ask for a fee to return their data.

The site also stated that these hackers often target government agencies, law firms, and medical facilities because they have sensitive data that could be worth a lot of money if compromised in an attack. What’s worse is that attackers don’t always follow up on their promises to return data once ransom is paid.

An Email Bodyguard

The National Cyber Security Alliance says that over 60% of small to medium businesses fail because of cybersecurity attacks. To prevent these attacks, CMIT Solutions’ Email Security provides machine learning-based threat protection for their customers’ network. The company also encrypts and backs up every email to make sure that communication lines are safe and secure. Their team of experts proactively look for messages that may contain malicious content. It allows business owners and staff only to have a clean inbox to work with.

Apart from filtering emails, the company also offers multi-layer cybersecurity services. CMIT Solutions builds a secure network perimeter that has a managed firewall. Their experts actively monitor the system’s anti-virus and anti-malware software and filter DNS. And to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities, they do regular network inspections. The company is always ready to train their customers’ staff on using their organization’s network responsibly and securely. CMIT Solutions is always ready to serve its customers by providing 24/7 support and even multi-location services.

About CMIT Solutions

CMIT Solutions has over 700 technicians in 200 locations across the country. The company’s network allows it to serve customers in multiple locations. They offer 24/7/365 security operations that are supported by seamless ticket tracking systems and management tools. CMIT Solutions works closely with its customers to make sure they’re getting the best support and security they need.

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