Vivo Hair Salon Revolutionising the Hairdressing Industry

When Vivo was first conceived, the owners saw an industry that was unregulated, with huge opportunity to revolutionise it through applying professional standards, and at the core of this goal emerged an unprecedented training and education programme for Vivo staff.

Vivo’s office is an open space with glass walls and an open door, which means team members are always welcome. Even calling the headquarters ‘The Support Office’ is intentional”, as co-owner Lynden explains, “because we are here to support our team of hairstylists. Without them, there is no Vivo”.

Core philosophies guide everything they do. One is “think ******, act local”. Vivo have a national presence and offer top of the range services from talented stylists, but tailor all of their salons to the local market. What a client wants in a provincial area might be very different to a client in a big city.

As a family run, privately owned company, Vivo employs 650 staff in 80 salons across New Zealand, with a team of talented regional managers supporting them.

It is easy to see what it is that makes coming to work at Vivo so enjoyable for all their team, as they all agree that it is really incredible to work in an industry where everyday they get to make their clients feel their best. They all agreee that’s behind everything they do at Vivo.

As Lyndon says, “Who wouldn’t want to work in a company whose purpose is to make people feel amazing? People will leave a job, but they won’t leave a career. It’s a natural human desire to love what you do”.

Vivo salons also offer advanced skin treatments in their skin clinics, as well as spray tanning, nails, makeup, hair removal and massages, so for more information on hair salons, skin tratments and hair makeovers please go to .

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