More Airlines Moving Towards Free In-Flight WiFi For Passengers

Delta Air Lines is the latest airline to announce their intention to start rolling out complimentary on-board WiFi. The move represents a wider movement towards widespread free commercial WiFi access.

May 13 / CA, USA /

As of May 13th, US airline Delta Air Lines will begin trialing limited free WiFi access for passengers on 55 of their domestic flight segments across a 2-week period. They’re the latest in a string of airlines that have begun to switch over to complimentary WiFi, prompting many frequent flyers to hope that free WiFi access on flights may soon become commonplace.

Other airlines to switch over to free WiFi include Norwegian airlines, who announced earlier this year that they are planning to offer complimentary on-board WiFi for all passengers on long-haul flights. Japanese airline ANA has also been offering free on-board WiFi for over a year.

The move towards free WiFi has been driven by customer demand. As Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Delta Airlines’ director of onboard product recently said, “Customers are accustomed to having access to free WiFi during nearly every other aspect of their journey.”

Delta hopes that by allowing customers to continue to have free access to WiFi once they board their flight, the overall customer experience will be improved. The data seems to agree with this, as 46% of passengers said they’d use on-flight WiFi if it was free.

It’s not just in the airport where customers are used to having free WiFi. In recent years, free commercial WiFi has become more and more prevalent across all commercial industries. Customers are used to being able to access free WiFi everywhere they go, whether that be a coffee shop, mall, restaurant, bar, or any other commercial property.

Part of the reason for the growth in free commercial WiFi is down to marketing. Over the last few years, modern marketing practices have evolved to place more emphasis on email and social marketing.

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