Prototyping A Product

How to get a prototype made or making a prototype can be one of the most rewarding and fun steps you will take because developing a prototype provides you the opportunity to tap into your creativity and using those abilities that encouraged your invention idea in the first place.

Whether you are making your prototype at home or picking the services of a machinist or an engineer, it is thrilling to see your idea transformed into something real and touchable.

Some great tips on Prototyping a Product

Outline What Type of Prototype you are looking

It is extremely important to find out the objective of your prototype.  For example- Is it for you to assess the manufacturing? Is it to test or sell? Is it to sell potential customers?

Find out Your target audience

Keep in mind that understanding your market is a key part of any product made. Many businesses have created great prototypes products and services to realize that it never filled a ‘need’.   So, must speak to your target audience before searching for Prototype Companies to make a prototype for you. Also, do research into what they like or what they don’t, how they buy, etc.  Also, make sure that you are creating something that people want and not work on your own assumptions.

Spend money wisely

One of my known people has made millions of dollars selling numerous licenses. Also, he didn’t spend tons of money to create beautiful prototypes. You will be shocked to know that most of them were made from paper and cardboard.

Manufacture in Small Sets

Manufacturing in small batches until you have confirmed you can fill the demand and get customers cost-effectively. You don’t want to wind up with inventory you can’t move. Remember that most people tweak their product/services and it’s packaging along the way. So, it is very significant to be able to pivot and change without having to throw out an entire bunch of parts.

Hire a Firm

If you need a more professional prototype, then hire an industrial design firm. The company will put something together and using a 3D printer will create a prototype. Depending on what you are making, you will need to bring in some specialists, be it to provide you a hand with technical design and 3D printing.


In the new product development process, one of the essential early steps is creating a prototype which is a three-dimensional version of your vision. Hire a third party to review the physical design at a granular level and test the functionality and user experience.

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