Simply Chaise Offers Customised Bedroom Furniture in the UK

Simply Chaise offers bespoke bedroom headboards that add style and comfort to a room, on top of their quality luxury chaise lounges. Their headboard designs are made by experienced craftspeople, using high-quality materials. Their bedframes also suit the company’s footstools, sofas, and occasional chairs.

[NEWQUAY, 27/05/2019] – Simply Chaise, a leading provider of chaise lounges in the UK, offers bespoke bedroom headboards. The company understands that apart from adding style to a room, the headboard provides comfortable back support. It also covers a portion of the bedroom wall, protecting it from scratches and stains. Simply Chaise has an experienced team of artisans who use only the highest quality materials to make their custom headboards. They offer products ranging from standard to super king-size dimensions.

Luxurious and Comfortable

The company’s headboard designs can fit the look of any bedroom. Those who want an entirely white bedroom should get the Anastasia designer headboard. Its pearly white colour, accented by chrome studs and clean contours, creates a serene backdrop for the bed.

The Balmoral designer headboard, in contrast, pops out of the background with its royal blue shade. Its chrome stud lining, together with its curved edges provide a bold focal point for a bedroom.

The crushed velvet exterior of the Bertie Winged headboard is a perfect companion to luxurious sheets and pillows. Its neutral colour makes it easy to pair with any shade, no matter how light or dark they are.

The Royale designer headboard’s velvet material and rectangular design are great for people who want a symmetrical look for their room. With a cement-grey shade, this bedframe is ideal for a monochromatic room.

The Savoy designer headboard, sporting a rustic brown colour, is an excellent addition to a bedroom with warm and earthy tones.

Mixing and Matching is a Breeze

Apart from the comfort that these double padded headboards bring, they blend well with Simply Chaise’s collection of chaise lounges, sofas, occasional chairs, and footstools. Customers may request the company to use the same fabric for all the furniture.

Simply Chaise’s collection of furniture is delivered through a trusted national courier.

About Simply Chaise

Simply Chaise has been a trusted provider of bespoke chaise lounges and other luxury furniture since 2005. Expert craftsmen create these custom chaise lounges and luxury furniture using only high-end materials. The products go through strict quality inspections; customers can expect their furniture to arrive in pristine condition.

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