CompanionLink Updates #1 Sync App ‘CompanionLink for Google’

In yet another move to further its portfolio of software products, CompanionLink Software, a US based software firm, today updated the #1 Sync tool aimed at providing smooth and seamless synchronization between Microsoft Office Calendar and Google Calendar. The product named ‘CompanionLink for Google’is designed to offer users an easy and fast syncing experience.

‘CompanionLink for Google’ takes Google Outlook sync to a whole new level by automatically synchronizing every single change made by users in either account.It offers users the option to sync calendar, contacts and tasks between the two.The App is easy to use and contains many useful features so it is worth giving a try.

If you use Microsoft Outlook and would appreciate having the capability to smoothly sync your Outlook Contacts, Calendar and Task data with your Google account, make sure to visit the URL and buy this App by CompanionLink. You maydownload a 14-day free trial from the same link before finally deciding to go in for the purchase of its license.

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