Physio & Sole Clinic Offers Comprehensive Sports Podiatry Services for Athletes

Physio & Sole Clinic conducts comprehensive foot biomechanics evaluation and provides various sports podiatry services for athletes.

 [ORCHARD, 28/05/2019] – Physio & Sole Clinic cares about the well-being and foot fitness of athletes. The clinic provides athletes with comprehensive sports podiatry services that improve and maintain the health of their soles, limbs, joints and feet.

 Comprehensive Foot Biomechanics Evaluation

Physio & Sole Clinic conducts various foot biomechanics evaluation for athletes, such as: visual and video gait analysis, evaluation of joint, muscle range of motion and strength, limb length measurement and non-weight bearing and weight bearing assessments.

The clinic understands that the biomechanics of the ankle and feet are important to the normal functioning of an athlete’s lower extremities. The clinic assesses different structures, such as the bones, joint surface congruity, ligaments and fascia. Physio & Sole Clinic also checks on an athlete’s muscle function and determines if this affects performance on the field.

After the assessment, the specialists in the clinic advise athletes on what to do and how to improve their gait, flexibility and overall movement on the lower extremities.

 Sports Podiatry Services

Physio & Sole Clinic also offers athletes a wide range of sports podiatry services that include sports strapping and bracing, offloading and deflecting high pressure areas on the soles of the feet, providing customised insoles and add-ons to facilitate foot function, and giving advice on the necessary footwear for sporting activities.

The clinic helps athletes prevent or at least minimise their injuries during sports through medical assessments and comprehensive patient education. Its comprehensive sports podiatry services provide athletes with safety tips and stretching exercises to maintain and improve the condition of their feet.

 About Physio & Sole Clinic

Physio & Sole Clinic is a podiatry and physiotherapy centre in Singapore that specialises in musculoskeletal pain, sports injury, foot pain and other related conditions. The clinic helps patients improve their quality of life through comprehensive treatments and in-depth patient education. Its services include chronic pain management, sports podiatry, physiotherapy and various treatments for common feet conditions.

Visit today to learn more about its podiatry and physiotherapy services.

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