BestWood Joinery – Solid Meranti Wooden Doors and Windows

BestWood Joinery is the leading distributor of meranti wooden doors and windows in South Africa. This company manufactures and supplies solid meranti windows, doors and door frames. BestWood Joinery have gained a reputation for providing high-quality products and impeccable customer service.

Products offered by BestWood Joinery:


  • Casement – These windows are attached to a frame via hinges. The windows can be attached by a single or a pair of hinges. Casement windows are available in three ranges, such as brass, public and slimline.
  • Top (Single & Double) Hung – These designs are used for most windows. An outer frame and a hinged sash are used to construct these windows. The hinge remains at the top of the outer frame in a top hung window. The ranges available are brass, public and slimline.
  • Small Pane – These are also known as cottage pane wooden windows because they provide the house with a traditional cottage style appearance. Installing this window is beneficial because there are many small panes of glass in it that make replacing a small pane very easy. Friction hinges and solid brass handles are supplied with these types of windows.


  • Meranti Doors – BestWood Joinery offers its customers a wide collection of front and back doors. To make them perfectly suitable to the harsh African climate, all their doors are kiln dried. It helps to keep the wood perfectly balanced which reduces warping.
  • Pine Doors – The textured grain and standard quality of the pine doors makes them aesthetically appealing. It is especially popular among customers due to its versatility it provides in interior design. These doors can be wood stained or coloured. Pine doors at BestWood Joinery are manufactured using SA Pine timber of the highest quality.
  • Door Frames – BestWood Joinery offers door frames in solid and laminated wood. Their door frames are specially designed for exterior use. They supply their doors pre-sealed with a colour catalyst-based sealer or a linseed oil.
  • Gates & Garden Gates – BestWood offers high-quality gates and garden gates. They make sure to manufacture the gates in a way, so they are perfectly balanced with the climate and do not warp. Like the other products offered by the company, the gates and garden gates are given a 7-year guarantee.

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About BestWood Joinery
BestWood Joinery was established in Atlantis, Western Cape in 2002. The company expanded in 2004 and started producing solid front doors, door frames and windows in bulk, as well as local hardware and building materials. All their manufactured goods come with a 7-year guarantee. BestWood Joinery is a BEE Level 4 contributor and have been a member of AAAMSA since 2014.

Contact Us:
12 Josias Blanckenberg St
Atlantis Industrial
Cape Town, 7349
South Africa
021 577 3141

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