Things to Know About Investing in Tax Liens

Investing in tax liens is lucrative and it is one of the best investment methods to get some decent profit. It is an act of buying a delinquent property in an auction by paying the owed taxes. After the redemption period, the investor has the right to collect the invested amount back with an interest from the property owner.

What is Tax Lien?

A tax lien is a lien on a property which has an unpaid amount in it. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it is advised that every property owners must pay their regular tax bill without fail. Some people forget or even refuse to pay the taxes for their properties. To recover these pending tax amounts the IRS will sell the lien properties to the investors. A certain time period will be given to the taxpayer to recover the property by paying the tax amounts with penalties. If not, the property will be foreclosed by the investor.

What to Know Before Step into Investing?

Before entering into tax lien investment, make sure you learned all the rules and procedures followed in the process. For this, one can attend a free tax lien seminar program conducted by Government Tax Lien Network to easily understand all details about tax lien, its certificate and investment process. Another important thing is the due-diligence process. The investor must complete the due-diligence process in a timely manner.

Investment Process

Primarily the lien lists are published in the IRS website and local newspapers. Investors can check the lists and find the best property according to their bid amount. At the time of the auction, investors can bid for the property either online or mail-in method. The IRS analyzes the bid amount and announces the winner by comparing the property and interest bids. The winning investor has the chance to invest in the property. If the winner rejects the lien, the investor in the next position will get that chance.

Where to Find Best Lien Properties?

Investing in tax liens will give sure profit. If you are a beginner, then get help with some good lien networks like GTLN to find the best property for your first investment. Government Tax Lien Network (GTLN) is a well-known tax lien education institute provides premium education to investors in written, audio and book format. Their updated lien lists help investors to find a best and active lien easily and it saves time to focus more on investing. To know more details about investing in tax liens, visit


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