Top 6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Career Booming In India


While using the internet, you see various things some interesting and funny memes, sometimes useful sometimes irritating ads, some viral videos, some amazingly written blogs, mobile apps, etc. The world is going to be Digital and by the year 2020, all the companies around the world including India will have an online presence and this will create a lot of career opportunities. It is a up growing field in which technology updating every day, you have to be up to date person for a successful digital marketing career which is growing now.

According to research, digital marketing companies are growing 10 times faster than traditional marketing firms. Because they engage in online presence while creating jobs. It provides you with various career options. The common digital marketing career options are – SEO Analyst, Content Writer, Social Media Manager, You Tuber, Affiliate Marketer, etc. And one more advantage of digital marketing career is that you can dress as your preference by saying goodbye to the boring formals which are a must in traditional marketing. Here you can also work as a freelancer on the project basis or become the entrepreneur or can even make a career in Digital Marketing Freelancer in India.

  1. The Industries Are Growing:-

The world has so many active internet users. The number of internet users is increasing like never before in India as well as industries are also increasing by 2020, we are going to reach the number of 730 million active users from India alone. These statistics are just a small reflection of the widespread influence of the internet on our daily lives. In today’s digital marketing era each and every one is on the internet irrespective of gender, age or location. So the company or marketer cannot ignore these users. Hence, Career in Digital Marketing in India is gaining improvement. The expected share of advertisement allocate to digital marketing is around Rs 25,200 crores by the year 2020. Even the government also supporting ‘Digital India’ & Indian startups more and more jobs would be created for people in a field of Digital marketing.

  1. No Need For Any Higher Education:-

Most of the corporate jobs, you don’t need high-profile educational qualifications to begin your career. But job of a digital marketer is focused on some specific areas only its required 3 core skills

  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Basic Content Writing Skill
  • Analytical Thinking

If you have these qualities, your qualifications don’t matter at all. Or better way you can simply go for a good digital marketing course in India and start working as a digital marketing professional

  1. Good Salary Scale:-

Many Employees usually face a lot of problems and hardly get paid on what they deserve. But in the case with digital marketing even Fresher in this industry are being paid from 15k – 20k per month. And after a few years of experience, your income can increase to 3–10 Lakhs per annum.

  1. Priority In Choosing Job Profile:-

The best thing about digital marketing is that it is really flexible. You get the complete freedom to choose your job profile as per your respective skills you can work as a full-time professional, a freelancer or a digital marketing consultant. You can work online from your home or you can work as a digital marketing professional in companies.

  1. Better Job Satisfaction:-

Along with good pay and endless job opportunities, with digital marketing, you also get better job satisfaction as digital marketing working professionals in this industry. Because you always work with innovation and creativity apart from certain technical aspects, there are no rules in digital marketing. You are free to experiment and work as per your strategies and skills.

  1. Easy And On-Going Learning Process

The training period for a digital marketer is an ongoing process you don’t need to go through years and years of learning. Just a few months of exposure to the industry will provide you good enough knowledge to start your digital marketing career. If you join, Digital Marketing Training Institute, you can become a trained professional in a matter of 3 months. One of the good things about a career in digital marketing is that you are allowed to make mistakes. Every digital marketer works on their mistakes and its successful implementation. It is the best way to learn. Even the seniors in this industry often make mistakes when they try something new.

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