3 degree courses students from any stream can choose

There should be no hard and fast rule that students only have to choose a degree course related to their streams – science, commerce or arts. They should have the freedom to pursue any course that they are eligible for as a serious career option. To encourage this practice, colleges now offer courses that can be pursued by students from any stream. Students from different academic backgrounds can study the same course under one roof and head for careers in different fields.

To help students identify such courses, we have listed down a few.

  1. BBA

BBA or Bachelors in Business Administration is a 3-year undergraduate course that equips students with the right knowledge and skills about management, and also thoroughly prepares them for the management world. The BBA course covers all the major courses that come under an MBA – Finance, Operations, Human Resources, and Sales & Marketing. It solidifies the basic concepts of each field in the first year and helps students make an informed decision regarding the subject they want to major in.

Upon completion of the course, BBA graduates will have diverse work profile opportunities in their respective fields. They will receive a starting salary which will range from Rs 4-6 lakhs p.a, which will increase as they gain more experience. So, if you want to pursue a course that lays the base for a future MBA program, apply to the best BBA colleges in Bangalore or elsewhere.

  1. BCA 

BCA or Bachelors in Computer Applications is a 3-year undergraduate course that teaches students about various computer applications. Since the course is popular among IT aspirants, it focuses on programming languages, networking skills and application packages pertinent to the IT industry.

Upon completion of this course, BCA graduates can expect a starting salary in the range of Rs 3-7 lakhs p.a. The salary will increase on gaining more experience.

So, if students want to graduate in a course that will make them eligible to work in India’s fastest growing sector, apply to the best BCA colleges in Bangalore, India.

  1. BMS

BMS or Bachelors in Management Studies is a 3-year undergraduate course that teaches students about the various management techniques used in corporate firms. The course is designed to make students learn about managerial skills and management efficiency, while also specialising in a particular area of management. Managerial skills include leadership, problem-solving, team-player etc. These skills help in building a productive work environment in the company. Further, BMS students can also opt to pursue a postgraduate degree in MMS.

In conclusion, these are a few courses students from any stream can choose to pursue. Students graduating from these courses can expect to land good jobs in their respective fields. All the best!

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