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Beads are the prominent part of jewelry making and there are a wide variety of beads that you can use for the same. Today, I am going to share with various beads that are prominently used for jewelry making.

(1) Natural Stone Beads:

Want big beads for jewelry making, beading or crafting, then you can try these amazing Natural Stone Beads. They are perfect for making jewelry that will give you more of a bohemian look. Pony beads available can help to elevate your jewelry designs.


(2) Kundan Work Beads:

These are other amazing beads for jewelry making. You can find them beautiful enough to use in necklace, anklets, bracelets, and earrings. Available in round and rectangle shapes, they can surely give your jewelry an enhanced look. I am sure you are going to love how your jewelry will turn out after using them.


(3) Ceramic Beads

When it comes to craft beads, ceramic beads are always first. They are available in various gorgeous colors and can even be used by kids for making jewelry or doing craft work. Available in round and tube shapes, these beads can give your designs a totally new look


(4) Metal Beads and Pipes:

They are quite alluring beads and works great as spacers. When used with other beads for making jewelry. Metal pipes and tube beads can help in giving your designs a much-needed break which will help you to highlight all the other beads used while making the jewelry item.


(5) Jasper Beads:

These beads have their own significance as they can be used for making gemstone jewelry. The various lovely patterns will make your jewelry look so much more beautiful. You can mix and match them with other metal charms and get an amazing look. The best thing is you can buy these beads online.


(6) Superduo Beads:

These double hole beads are mainly used for making jewelry items like anklets, necklace, bracelets and more. They are the most suitable beads for beading. The array of colors available in them is beyond words. You would love how these superduo beads can transform your jewelry making experience. They can turn out be the best jewelry making material and you might get addicted to them.


(7) Peanut Beads:

These are the most creative beads of all. They can provide a beautiful twist to your designs. While using them, you will find an interlinking pattern formed by these beads. They are going to provide you a totally new look.

So, these were a few beads that you can buy on your favorite bead store. There, you can find a wide variety of supplies that can be used for various purposes like embroidery, beading, jewelry making and crafting.

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