Tips for surviving the first year in a physiotherapy college

Master of Physiotherapy is a difficult course. It is challenging to keep up with the transition, and sometimes, it can be too much to handle. In such a case, it is always better to follow a few tips to complete this programme without much stress. To help you out with this, we asked a few of students from the best physiotherapy colleges in Bangalore for some tips and here’s what they have to say. Keep reading to learn more.

Don’t compare

The most important thing that you’ll have to do while studying a Master of Physiotherapy course is not to compare yourself with anyone else. You may have aced your bachelor’s degree, but this is a different ball game. You may be a genius, but everyone around you is a genius as well. So you may not stand out as you did in your bachelor’s degree. Just do your best and step back.

Ask questions

As mentioned earlier, physiotherapy is not an easy discipline. You must ask questions to your lecturers wherever you feel you’re stuck. There are two benefits to asking questions one is your doubts will be cleared and second is that you’ll end up being noticed by the lecturer.

Attend lectures regularly

Master of Physiotherapy is not a course you can learn one day before the exam. You have to attend lectures every day, participate in activities and practices, and study every day. Let’s be straight forward here. There are no shortcuts to excel in this course. You must grind and work hard.

Revise what you learn every day

As I mentioned earlier, there are no shortcuts while studying this programme. You have to turn day in and day out to lectures and practicals. This doesn’t end here. When you go back to your hostel room or home, you must revise everything that you have studied on that day.


The great Stoic philosopher once said, “Our minds must be allowed a break—once rested, they will rise better and sharper”. So, make sure your college life isn’t all about ‘only study, no play’.  Ensure the breaks are small and not long vacations.


This is the most difficult subject of Physiotherapy, hands down!. As it is a very confusing subject, you should study it every day. Discuss with your friends, make notes or even reach out to your professors if required.

These are the tips that students in physiotherapy colleges in Bangalore advocate. We hope this helps you out. All the best!

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