How to ace law school and have a good career

Law schools are difficult. The exams are tough and long, the books are heavy and dense, and the students are stressed and barely passing. No matter what your law schools ranking in India is, the curriculum is tough and demanding. In such a case, a student might ask how does he go from surviving law school to acing it? Here are a few tips a student can follow to ace law college and have a successful career.

Do what works for you

If there’s one thing people love to give away freely, it is advice. They will tell you to make notes, don’t make notes, give a lot of mock tests, revise every day, etc. The thing that you must understand here is you must follow the practice you have had before entering law school. You might have had own way of studying; sure it may need some changes with time, but you will figure that out on the run. So, follow your method and do what works for you.

Participate in Moot Courts

A moot court is a mock courtroom proceeding. There are several details that students aren’t aware of such as rules followed inside the courtroom, how to make your points, what should be the tone of your voice while making those points, etc. A moot court will replicate the intricacies of a real courtroom and will provide students grooming for the environment.

Understand the approach

Subjects in law tend to necessitate a dynamic approach. Some subjects may require you to memorise various laws and case studies, while others may require a thorough understanding of the context. You will have to sit down and figure out the different approach that every subject demands and follow it accordingly.


A law college can be a point of time in your life when you are super busy. But, it would be a wise thing for you to sign up for an internship. Sure, it would be difficult to manage studies and internship together, but you will get hands-on experience. This experience will be invaluable in preparing you for your career as a lawyer. Besides, legal education is inefficient and ignores several vital aspects. For example, a student is not taught how to draft a memorial for a court, the system teaches IP law, but not what part of IP law to focus on to make a career? Hence, to gain a better understanding of the practical aspects, a student needs to undergo an internship.

Take care of your health

Don’t get so busy studying that you forget to take care of your health. At the end of the day, you are more likely to fetch good marks with a healthy body and a fresh mind than otherwise. Take small breaks, relax, exercise, and have some good time with your friends.

Several best law colleges in India pose students with difficult challenges. These tips can come handy to excel in a law college and have a successful career.

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