Best Helpful SEO Tips For Good Content Writing 2019


  1. Draft Your Content with Proper Keyword Research:-

Many beginners just create their content to write about topics they feel that their users would be interested in or which can make more traffic you need to draft your content by doing proper Keyword research. It is a technique used by content writers and SEO experts. It helps you discover topics your users are interested in based on the search engine data. You can then use these keywords to draft your content accordingly. This will ensure that you write about topics that people are actually searching for, and it’s a great way to give better SEO results. You can do it by using keyword research tools like SEMRush or Keyword Planner which offer in-depth keyword data, competition analysis, keyword position tracking, and other useful features.

  1. Use Semantic Keyword:-

After your keyword research and discovered keyword ideas, you have to select one keyword in your content that has the highest search volume and low competition.

This will be your focus keyword. It is the search phrase that users are searching for more. Next, you need to find out the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. These are the keywords which related to your focus keyword.

The easiest way to find out them is to simply enter your focus keyword in Google Search and scroll down to the bottom of results. Then you will get listed keywords as ‘related searches’.

You need to make use of these keywords in your content, so you can have the most relevant content for users.

It’s very important that you don’t try to keyword stuffing in your content. This would look bad to your users which will give a bad impact on the ranking

  1. Write Good Effective Title:-

The title of your blog post is extremely important for good rankings.

A good blog post title makes your content more relevant to the search query. More importantly, it motivates users to actually click on your article when they see a good and effective title in search results. You can easily make your blog post title effective and SEO friendly by using your focus keyword in the title.

  1. Use Internal Linking:-

Internal linking is a great way to develop a contextual relationship between your new and old posts. It allows you to pass relevant link juice to your older articles.

WordPress makes it easy to search for your old posts. Simply select the text that you want to link and then click on the link button.

While making use of internal linking will make sure that your on-page SEO is good, and that your older articles continue to get new links.

  1. Use Images And Videos In Your Content:-

Search engines often rank engaging content higher in search results in which Images and videos are available

You want to make sure that your blog posts contain images between two paragraphs.

When adding images, you want to be careful about its copyrights. Often beginners copy images from other sites to use on their site, and this can get you trouble if you do it without proper permission.

There are plenty of places where you can find royalty free images to use in your blog posts. You can also use your own original photographs or use tool like Canva to create engaging infographics. Make sure that you optimize your images for SEO.

Videos are even more engaging than images. You can convert your blog posts into videos by creating slideshows, vlogs, or experiment with other formats.

We recommend uploading your videos to YouTube. It is the second most popular search engine and the second largest social media platform after Facebook.

  1. Make Sure Your Content Is Easier To Read:-

Readability is an important factor considered through the point of view of search engines. Content that are easier to read often rank higher than articles that are not user-friendly.

In fact, studies found that users spend less than a second to decide whether they want to stay on a page or leave. So by improving readability, you can make it possible for engagement of your users

You can improve readability by using shorter sentences, smaller paragraphs, punctuation, headings, and bulleted lists.

You can use tools like Grammarly, which allows you to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling on the fly. It also gives suggestions to improve the readability of your Content.

  1. Use Category For Your Content:-

Categories and tags help you sort your content not only for yourself but for the readers or users and search engines as well. Categories are used to divide your content into various topics by optimizing your content in a good manner.





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