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Project Laneways Australia has announced Change Management courses for July. The Change Management Practitioner Course in Melbourne is taking place on July 1st and 2nd. The Change Management Foundation course covers all aspects of change including how individuals learn and react to change, approaches to organisational change, best practices in communications and stakeholder engagement, and how to prepare for change and deal with resistance. The course includes a short discussion on the Prosci ADKAR® methodology and compares it to other approaches.

Project Laneways teach theory and practice of change management and gives practitioners an internationally recognised qualification to professionals. Australian businesses are on a journey towards digital and agile enablement – be it financial sector, health, television or IT.

Recently Australian broadcast services provider, MediaHub Australia, has turned to long-time collaborator Grass Valley to help optimise its operations to easily deliver highly adaptive services and transition to a bespoke business model.

Even the Australian government is taking steps to transform their processes. However, sensitivity around data, stringent regulations and just the sheer responsibility that comes with managing so many people’s information poses significant barriers to the adoption of digital technologies.

Companies that are planning to lead change in the organisation successfully will need to call on particular skills and abilities in order to make the change work. Project Laneways specialise in training business professionals in the skills they need to ensure success.

The change management courses from Project Laneways provide practical, group exercises that expand on the theories. It will give practitioners a good grasp of change management workflow and plan and apply a change management project.

The Change Management Practitioner Course also takes place in Melbourne on July 1st and 2nd. This course provides a deeper knowledge of the principles of change management, learn new material, and gain an understanding of how to implement and sustain change in organisations. This qualification is endorsed by the Change Management Institute who recognise the practitioner level as fully meeting the knowledge requirements for their accreditations.

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