Get Accurate Positioning with CAST’s GPS/INS Simulation Systems

In some situations, weak signals result in inaccurate positioning. With the help of CAST’s GPS/INS Simulation Systems, people can successfully test with an accurate position, velocity, and altitude.

[Massachusetts, 2019] – According to Allied Market Research, a Portland-based research and advisory company, the value of the ****** autonomous vehicle market is slated to grow more than tenfold from 2019 to 2026.

With the demand for autonomous vehicles on the rise, plus many other devices that use the U.S. ****** Positioning System or GPS, accuracy in positioning is more important than ever. GPS receivers need to ensure that the derived location is a close match, if not exact, to the actual location. Serious repercussions can arise when there are inaccuracies in calculating location.

Massachusetts-based CAST, a leading provider of GNSS/INS Simulation Systems, continues to provide ways to improve the accuracy of military integrated positioning systems. The company’s innovative GPS/INS testing systems improves the design, production, and field testing of GPS receivers.

Testing with CAST                                            

CAST’s equipment supports navigation system research and development. These also provide assistance with the assimilation and testing for land, sea, air, and space, as well as weapon platforms in commercial, industrial, and military laboratories across the U.S.

The company’s GPS/INS testing systems simulate GPS disruptions, gauging the performance of Embedded GPS/INS (EGI) systems that are integrated into a GPS receiver. Their team of highly-skilled individuals simulates the inertial-aiding improvements in the GPS receiver to test the integrity of the system.

With this technique, clients receive accurate information about their receiver’s interference and jamming resistance, anti-spoofing capabilities, and integrity. CAST’s simulations also allow for safe and accurate testing and are designed to ensure that they can be used in the field as well as for repeat testing.

By testing with CAST, clients not only reduce the cost and complexity of their operations, but also get accurate positioning results.

About CAST

CAST has been in the GPS/INS simulation business for over 25 years. This is why the company has become the leading provider of GNSS simulation products, servicing civilian, commercial, and military needs and interests.

For more information about their products, visit CAST.


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