Honu Charters- Personalize Your Yacht Charter Tours in Stuart, FL

Private Yacht charters in Stuart, FL provide cruising trips around the astonishing waterscapes offering memorable experience. The luxury yacht charters are furnished with all basic amenities to provide comfortable travel for guests. Other than cruising, guests can indulge in water activities such as deep sea diving, scuba diving, paragliding, etc. A yacht charter cruise offers a peaceful time to relax from hustle and bustle of city life.

Here are some exquisite yachting places around Stuart, FL.


Saint Lucie River cruise is highly recommended travel itinerary due to its evergreen landscapes and picturesque waterfronts. It is the best yachting spot for family excursion and offers peaceful travel environment. Bird watching is popular activity here and guests can sight rare bird species such as White Storks, Egrets, Osprey as well as Otters, Alligators and Manatee.


Jupiter Sandbar cruise offers magical experience of relaxing in the middle of the pristine blue waters. During low tides, the sandbar is accessible for travelers to sit and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Jupiter lighthouse is the great spot for guests to swim and enjoy BBQ.


Peanut Island is a popular yachting spot and draws huge number of travelers due to its pristine waters and beautiful coral reefs.  It is located to the West of Lake Worth Inlet in West Palm Beach.  This Island is the popular hangout spot among people and has been renovated with $13 million to set up artificial reef for water fanatics. Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Sea walking, are some of the water activities enjoyed here.


Honu Charters are reputed yacht operators offering breathtaking yacht charter services in and around Stuart, FL. The yacht charter is furnished with all luxurious amenities to provide comfortable travelling experience for guests. Tour packages such as sunset charter, half-day charter, full-day charter and overnight charter are offered for affordable prices. Guests can personalize their tour options according to their favorites. For more information about yacht charters in Stuart fl visit, https://honucharters.com/


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