Tax Lien Certificate – A Profitable Property Based Investment Method

Tax Lien Certificate is a certificate used at the time of the tax lien auction process. It acts as a legal proof for the investor for their investment on a lien property. After a lien placed on a property, a tax lien certificate is generated by the IRS. It is nothing but assigning a value for the property based on the amount of tax debt owed including penalties by the property owner. Then, these certificates are sent to the auction process for sale. In the auction, Investors will bid their amounts and based on this bid amounts one investor will be chosen as the winner.

Investment in Tax Lien Certificate

The tax lien certificate investment process held in either an online or offline method. Before that, the auction details will be listed on the Treasury website. Note the date, time and place of the auction and make yourself available at the time of auction. The online method of an auction may be available in certain major counties and it depends on property value. If happens, the mail in method can be used for the auction. You need download a copy of the format, fill the details and send to the treasury office mail address within the stipulated date.

Advantages of Investing in Tax Lien Certificate

The investment is profitable and the investor will get the full invested amount back with the penalties and interest paid. The interest amount will vary from 8% to 36% and it depends on the county. The investment in tax lien is highly secured with the property. Also, the priority for tax lien certificates is higher than the mortgage.

Where to Find Best Property to start investment in Tax Lien Certificate?

Investment in a good property is important when you are planning to buy a tax lien certificate. The best properties give high amounts in return whereas other low-end properties may also have interest but with a low amount. The best way for the beginners is to assist some lien networks. Government Tax Lien is a prominent tax lien institute located in California. They help many investors like you to get achievement in their first investment. For more details about tax lien certificate and investment, visit their website at


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