What is Social Engineering

What is Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a term called “people hacking”. It involves in in the malicious way of gathering the user’s information that can be used for personal gain. Some of the common examples of social engineering are false support personal claim. The process involves installing a patch or installing software from the user’s computer. Then obtain remote control of the system. Generally, this type of false vendors claims to update the accounting page of the phone system. They ask for the administrator password and obtain full access. Their main goal to get user id and passwords of the unsuspecting contestants. Later hackers try those password on another website such as Amazon, google and yahoo, etc.

Why hackers use social engineering

Generally, hackers use social engineering to break into systems. Because their main intention is open the door of the organizations by someone. Most of the social engineers perform their attack slowly. Hence the users don’t raise suspicion. Alternatively, Social engineers can perform a quick phone call or email. This depends on the hacker style and abilities. Social engineers know about a lot of things both inside and outside their target organizations.

Understanding the Implications

Many organizations have their enemies are troubled through social engineering. These enemies can be of former employees or current seeking revenge or nay competitors etc.

Regardless of who is causing the trouble, every organization is at risk. Large companies are located at different locations are often unprotected. Even small companies are also be attacked. Everyone from receptionists and It professionals are victims of social engineering. Social engineering is to do something by force. They use to stole any financial reports and employee’s information


Performing social engineering attacks

Generally, hackers typically perform social engineering attacks in 4 simple steps. They are

  1. Performing Research
  2. Building trust
  3. Exploiting relationships for information through technology
  4. Use the information to gather information for various illegal purposes.


Hence users have to follow the specific policies to protect from social engineering attacks. They are classifying data. Hiring employees with setting user ids and resetting passwords etc. handling confidential information escorting guests. Hence there is a need for awareness about Cyber Attacks. Learn more in ethical hacking certification


User awareness

The best way to prevent social engineering is to user awareness. User awareness initially starts with initial training for every person and follow with security training. Provide security training to a security trainer. Employees should take training more seriously. Outsourcing security training is essential. Create social engineering awareness programs for your business functions and prevent from cyber hacking. You can learn more about social engineering concepts in an ethical hacking online course


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