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Being accused as a criminal and charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or any other crime, a criminal accusation can turn your life into a living hell. Do not face criminal charges alone because the justice system and prosecution are not simple. The Lady Law can assist you in every step, from initial court filing to fighting for your innocence in the court.

Practice Areas of The Lady Law:

The attorneys of The Lady Law help people with the following criminal offenses –

Misdemeanors: Crimes considered as misdemeanors in Texas are categorized into three classes based on the seriousness of the crime:

Class A: The most serious kind of misdemeanor offense that can lead to imprisonment for up to one year and a monetary fine up to $4000. These offenses include –

  • Intoxicated driving for the second time.
  • Illegal possession of a weapon.
  • Possession of ********* of two to four ounces.
  • Perjury.
  • Assault causing injury.

Class B: Less serious than Class A, these offenses that can send you to jail for up to 180 days and the monetary fine is up to $2000, are –

  • Intoxicated driving for the first time.
  • A minor having possession of drugs.
  • Indecent exposure in public.
  • Prostitution.
  • Failure to pay court-ordered child support.

Class C: The least serious misdemeanor offenses in Texas, the penalty for these offenses is a fine up to $500. Class C misdemeanors offenses include –

  • Intoxicated driving by a minor.
  • Simple assault.
  • Petty theft.
  • Disorderly conduct.
  • Minor having possession of alcohol or tobacco.

The team at The Lady Law uses law enforcement experience and inside knowledge to build an aggressive defense against misdemeanor charges.

Felonies: Felonies are crimes that inflict serious harm to others or threatening physical harm. Other offenses considered as felonies are white collar crimes and fraud schemes in some cases. Misdemeanors also become felonies for second-time offenders. The state of Texas has classified felonies into five categories such as capital, first degree, second degree, third degree, and state jail felony.

As aggressive defense and a successful fight at the court by The Lady Law can help when you are charged with felonies.

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About The Lady Law
Attorney Alisa A. Woodward is the founder of this criminal law firm in Houston, Texas. The Lady Law helps you build a successful defense against the charges on you. The team of The Lady Law helps its clients to take the best course of action for any specific legal issue. There are three people in the team, and they are the Attorney At Law Alisa Woodward and Christopher Gore and Legal Assistant Marisol Nevarez.

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