Betwala Provides the Latest Cricket Odds for Every Cricket Fan

India, Asia, August 01, 2019 — Indian Cricket News site Betwala provides the latest betting odds on various cricket matches. This is one of the site’s many services including Betwala’s regular news on international cricket. The site’s cricket news features international cricket matches and tournaments, as well as player performances.


The site recently wrapped up its coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Betwala provided the latest news on the event, as well as the live scores of the World Cup matches. The site also featured the World Cup cricket odds.


Betwala Marketing Executive Vishkar Chaudhary is more than happy to officially announce Betwala’s cricket odds. “Cricket news and cricket odds are the two main things fans check regularly. We want every cricket fan to know that Betwala has both and more,” Chaudhary stated. “The site is not only for Indian cricket fans. Betwala accommodates cricket fans from all around the world.”


Betwala has match and outright odds for various international cricket matches. Match odds refer to the outcome of a cricket match between the two teams. This means that fans can see the odds of which team is likely to win a game.

Betwala’s has three match odds types:


  • In-play match odds

  • Next 24 hours match odds

  • Future match odds


In-play match odds display the predicted outcome of a match that is currently happening. Next 24 hours match odds show the predictions of a match that will take place within 24 hours.


On the other hand, outright odds predict the whole outcome of a cricket league. This means that the odds listed are for different cricket teams that are playing in a single tournament. Outright odds predict which team will win a cricket tournament. An example of a cricket tournament is the recent ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. 


Betwala now has outright odds for the ICC T20 World Cup 2020. Australia has the best odds at +295. India follows with +335. The other teams with the best outright odds for the ICC T20 World Cup next year are England (+380) and South Africa (+570).


The site also posts the results of cricket matches that recently took place. Betwala also lets fans see cricket odds in different types.

The different types of odds seen on Betwala are:


  • Decimal

  • American/Moneyline

  • Indonesian

  • Hong Kong

  • Malay


The site’s different betting sites allow cricket fans all over the world to view cricket odds in a way they can understand. Betwala also helps cricket fans understand online sports betting.


“Cricket fans who are new to betting online don’t have to worry about anything. Betwala also provides information on cricket betting. The site has a guide that explains the basics of sports betting including payment options,” Chadhaury announced. 


Indian Cricket News site Betwala also covers international cricket events including the latest news, match highlights, and live scores. It is the perfect site to visit if you don’t want to miss out on the exciting world of cricket. Get your daily cricket fix at Betwala now!



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