Romax Offers Free Data Audit Service to Its Clients

The fully ISO 27001 accredited company helps its customers manage their data better and craft more effective campaigns through a full data audit and health check.

[24/07/2019, London] – As part of its data management services, Romax provides a full data health check and auditing services to all its customers. This helps clients craft more effective, better targeted marketing campaigns.  A comprehensive data audit can help companies reduce production costs, increase customer conversion and decrease customer attrition.

The Value of Data

An effective marketing campaign starts with a comprehensive understanding of relevant data. A full data audit and health check will help companies craft better marketing messages, target the correct public with the corresponding products and project more accurate outcomes. An optimised marketing campaign is more capable of turning leads into sales and maintaining healthy relationships with customers.

An efficient utilisation of data may also reduce costs. Identifying consumers who do not respond to marketing communications may decrease unwanted expenses. Deceased individuals or those that may have moved houses are some of the recipients of direct marketing materials that only decrease the efficiency of the campaign.

Data for Direct Marketing Strategies

Direct marketing improves response rates by taking out the middleman. The technique relies on a sales pitch to attract the target demographic. Direct marketing uses physical mail, emails and phone calls that are personalised to the receiver. The direct approach is effective for certain markets and purposes.

Romax, as a direct marketing company, offers the free data audit service to improve the efficacy of its services. The fully ISO 27001 accredited company provides clients with data-powered strategies to help them improve their ROIs within the timeline they set. The company uses online and offline personalised direct response marketing strategies for optimum results.

About Romax

Romax designs and delivers direct marketing campaigns that work. It performs data management and print services, direct mail, distribution and delivery, multichannel marketing and membership management. It serves a range of industries, including arts and culture, travel and tourism, events and media, retail and e-commerce and membership organisations.

Visit Romax today to know more about its direct marketing services.

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