Finding the perfect program for SAT tutoring in London

One size fits all rarely works, especially when it comes to SAT tutoring in London. A-List Education UK has the tools and resources to create an effective and customised programme for each student’s needs and growth.

A-List Education understands individuals

[LONDON, 7/8/2019] A-List Education focuses on one-to-one tutoring because they understand that every student is different, with different weaknesses and strengths. Personalised SAT tutoring in London is therefore the most effective way to help students progress.

Customised SAT tutoring in London

A-List Education offers one-on-one tutoring for their students because they understand all students learn differently, have different strengths and weaknesses and need a personalised strategy for their SAT tutoring in London.  (This is the same as the above – just checking if that was intentional).

Experienced tutors makes for prepared students

A-List Education has a team of experts ready to give you the most strategic SAT tutoring in London. The team of tutors are all graduates from American universities, so they understand the need for SAT tutoring in London for UK students seeking to study in the US.

A-List Education has the tools for SAT tutoring in London

The best way to become better is through practice. Students taking SAT tutoring in London with A-List Education will take full mock SATs. This means students will be able to experience both the types of questions and the timings of each section.

A-List Education has the experience

A-List Education knows how to achieve effective SAT tutoring in London, because of their years of experience helping students from all educational backgrounds. Established in 2005 in New York City, A-List Education now helps over 70,000 students a year through its ****** offices, including London, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai and Shanghai.

SAT Tutoring in London should go beyond the classroom

A-List Education offers one-on-one tutoring in a classroom setting. However, our tutors also realise that students need to spend more hours practising at home. Thus, we provide our students with homework to complete at home to make the most out of their SAT tutoring in London.

SAT Tutoring in London requires preparation

At A-List Education we suggest you prepare 2-6 months before your first test. You should take some of the full-length practice tests to get a feeling for the test. Get in touch to find out more.

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