Manaslu Mountain

Three decades ago in April of the year 2010, Manaslu Mountain– the eight tallest mountain summit of the world having an altitude of 8156m and a mindset of”dare you to climb” – has been defeated by Bonita Norris. At just 23, this novice, yet decided, British lady set up the entire world record as the youngest woman to get the summit of Manaslu, the Mountain of the Spirit. But if this young lady can dare to touch the summit, you can at least touch the foundation. So, my beloved hikers, the time has arrived for you to embark upon one of the most challenging hiking paths of Nepal – the trail to Manaslu Base Camp. Remember, there is no desire as big as the desire for adventure.

The Beginning

The thoughtful representative of this tour business will then ****** you to a hotel area, where you can freshen up. Just after then, with all training done (principles and gears packaged), would the hikers begin their trekking expedition to Manaslu Base Camp.

The Trail

You can rely on the transport service for the first few hours of the journey, which comprises a long drive from Kathmandu to Arughat Bazaar through Gorkha. After that, you may unravel the road only on foot, walking through lush valleys, passing rice paddy areas, maneuvering slippery riverbeds and glacial moraines, treading over coastal trails and wriggling through dense forests and hard passes. Whenever the road gets too steep, you will use a suspension bridge to cross over to another side of the lake Budhi Gandaki.

Your manual will have arranged the trip in such a way in which the daily increase would normally function as 7 or 8 hours’ duration, thus giving you ample time to alleviate yourself off exhaustion (don’t miss hot springs), meet your tummy (constantly carry provisions, and replenish it whenever possible) and enjoy the exquisite beauty of the landscape (attraction includes the exotic Sringi Himal, 7187m).

In route, you will run into numerous tiny settlements scattered by the hillsides or in temperate valleys, each maintaining a heritage of time immemorial. You will find lodging and meals in the mountain bikers (better-called tea homes). In some lovely villages, you might also act as a guest and reside in a local’s house – a wonderful chance to see the lifestyle of the mountain folks. However, you must expect to spend some nights camped at riverbanks or hilltops if no human settlements are around.

There will be overly many ascents and descents twisting across the trail. Anyways, as you get high altitude (say around 3000m), you may behold Buddhist prayer flags and Mani stones, marking the beginning of the cool Tibetan zone. From that altitude, the hiker will be rewarded with exquisite views of Mt. Manaslu, in addition to other neighboring snow peaks such as Peak 29. Create another ascent, and you will reach Dharmasala (or even Larkya Lodge, at 4450m), then climb onwards for another thousand meters and you’ll emerge at Larkya La Pass. Prepare yourself for an unbelievable vista with exotic snow peaks (Annapurna II, Cheo Himal, and Himlung Himal among others) and astonishing landscapes around you.

The Base Camp

Well, there is something in the breeze sweeping around the Base Camp which makes the successful hikers yell with joy. Yes, you’ve made it to the base of the 8th highest peak of the Earth, Mt Manaslu, and now to commemorate this unbelievable feat, you may plant your natural vestige in the snow. And, clearly, the occasion calls for some serious photography sessions.

The Return

Your exciting journey now requires you to journey back to the start, which happens to be Kathmandu, the town of temples. From that point, you can catch a ****** flight back home, and then enjoy Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit, you too can get a pencil and write a tale -“There And Back Again!”

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