Volumetric Technologies Offers Flexible Cosmetic Packaging Solutions With Filling Machines

Volumetric Technologies features an extensive array of filling machines that can accommodate different types of cosmetic products.

[MINNESOTA, 8/7/2019] – Volumetric Technologies offers flexible solutions for different kinds of cosmetic products. Its wide range of        filling machines can accommodate varying volumes, viscosity, and materials. The manufacturer ensures that its packaging solutions are secure and consistent with the customer’s unique specifications.

Reliable Cosmetic Packaging Solutions

Cosmetic and personal care products require flexible packaging solutions hinged on container security, shelf life, branding, and industry regulations. Volumetric Technologies manufacture high-quality filling equipment that allow cosmetic brands to ensure these considerations. Its filling machines can handle different consistencies, from solids and semi-solids to varying viscosities of liquids.

Volumetric Technologies uses containers of varying shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on the product. No matter what type of cosmetic product, the manufacturer has the right equipment for it. These products include cosmetic cream and serum, lotion, lipstick, shower gel, shampoo, body scrub, perfume, and deodorant.

Industrial-Grade Filling Equipment

Volumetric Technologies’ filling equipment are precision-made and built to last. The cosmetic filling machines are designed for rapid changeovers, providing the ability to switch between different products easily and quickly – and with a reliable fill each time. The liquid filling equipment pieces guarantee a fill accuracy of +/- 1/4 of 1% at 100 deposits per head per minute.

The Minnesota-based manufacturer offers benchtop units to large-scale fully automated systems, allowing clients to choose the equipment that can accommodate the size of their production. All units deliver the same quality and engineering features, regardless of size.

 About Volumetric Technologies

Volumetric Technologies designs and manufactures high-quality filling and packaging equipment that perform beyond the expectations of the customers. Established in 1992, the company has expanded its product line to include cup machines, conveyors, piston fillers, depositors, and dispensing nozzles, among others. The business tailors its services and packaging solutions to the specifications of each client, down to the last detail.

For further information, visit volumetrictechnologies.com.

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