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The land-locked Nepal has been bestowed the finest by Mother Nature. Nepal is among the must visit place for every nature enthusiast, Together with snow peaked hills and mountains all around and the best time to visit Nepal is in October and November. Nepal has among the eight highest mountains in the world making it the very best location for hiking. A lengthy trek at high peaks or an easy walk one of the mountain and greenery, the mountains with peak heights offer you every potential trek program. An individual can go based on choice. Tea House trekking entails walking under a guide. Camping Trekking entails staying in the woods in tents.

Nepal can be divided into three geographic areas, each stretching from east to west throughout the nation. The southernmost strip of land, the Terai, is bordered to the north by Himalayan foothills and to the south by the Ganges River. The area was originally covered with tropical vegetation, but has been converted to agricultural production. The Terai is Nepal’s breadbasket and is coated with farms.

The central part of Nepal is formed by the Mahabharat Chain, a range of mountains which reach small altitudes of 2,000-3,000 meters. Farming has become an important activity in the region; terraced farms produce corn, rice and wheat. The Kathmandu Valley, a stretch of green in the middle of the Mahabbarat, is to Nepal’s funding and cities that are historical. Eight of the ten highest peaks in the world are here, and most are covered with permanent snowfields. The region is sparsely inhabited, with little vegetation above the tree-line (4,200 meters). Mid-October to mid-December is prime mountaineering weather: that the heavens are clear and sunny, temperatures vary to crisp in the hills. Although temperatures in the Terai and Kathmandu tend to be steamy April and March can also be great months for mountain treks.

Amazing landscape gives you plenty of selections to select form to your hiking tours while you visit Nepal. Annapurna Trekking Tour is one of the most in-demand tour plans. Annapurna area is mix of woods area and fresh water flows coming out of the hills. The beauty of the area makes you wonder if you are on earth or somewhere in paradise. During Annapurna Trekking Tour you can absorb the beauty of this region while hiking. You’ll be taken to lakeside villages in Pokhara and a trek to Landrung, GhorePani, TadaPani and Dhampus crossing Tirkhe Dunga. The simple Sherpa people of those areas and the beautiful villages of Nepal supply all amenities for your trekking tour to you. All these hilly places provide you ample opportunities for fulfilling your trekking needs. Trekking the mountains on a yak. You may cross many streams and rivers.

If you’re the person prepared for extreme adventure then Sikilish Trekking Tour is your types. Crossing over south of Annapurna II and Lamjung Himag this region has a terrain with several ups and downs. Through this trekking tour you will pass through a great deal of villages. Pokhara lakeside villages are one. The hiking tour is one of the most enjoyable and enriching way to explore the untouched terrain of Nepal. Passing through peaceful villages and woods while listening to the gushing of water in nearby stream. To get the very best of Nepal’s natural beauty one must undertake an expedition to the mountains and cities of Nepal.

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