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Nepal is one of the smallest countries in the world. Nepal covers just 0.3 percent of the entire land area of Asia and 0.03% of the total land area of the planet. It is the landlocked state that lies in the lap of two nations; India in the North from South, West & the East and China. This country is about the growing phase. Though being a small country in the world Nepal is full of unique attributes of natural beauty and diversity.
A great place for adventure and enjoyment of beauty in Nepal. Nepal Tours takes you through Himalayan highlights, where this attractively, the prominent tourist destination is located and the best time to visit Nepal is in the months of October and November. Known as a nation, Nepal’s attractiveness lies in nature, the adventure and culture that the country offers. The landscape is dominated by hills, valleys, mid-hills, and lakes. A plethora of rivers flows through Tibet from Nepal, fulfilling the Ganges. Nepal Tours is a convenient venture.
Cultural Expedition
A vast assortment of racial and cultural groups hail from this country, such as Brahmans, Tamangs, Gurungs, Newars, etc.. The diversity of its people and region give rise. Nepal Holidays reveal religion, culture and art are a part and parcel of Nepal’s inhabitants. Cultural groups such as Yadavs, Tharu, Ahir and many others live here.
A splendid sight of Nepal’s civilization is seen in its own structures. Nepal tours take you to the country capital. Here you come across monasteries, Buddhist sites, and Hindu temples. Kasthamandap style temples, the monkey temple along with a temple complex are some of the things that are interesting. The Golden Gate is one of the most richly carved gates, resembling creatures and deities. Mountains and spiritual shrines help you understand the intricacies of Nepalese culture. Nepal vacations are an experience through Pokhara, Kathmandu, and Nagarkot, each using its own attractiveness.
Wildlife and Trekking
One of those places worth visiting Nepal is the Chitwan National Park. It’s among the most well-preserved areas. This beautiful and enormous conservation area is home to endangered species of this one – gharial crocodile horned rhino, sloth bear, barking deer and several other animals. Elephant and Jeep safaris are a normal feature in the playground.
Walking safaris jungle treks and boat trips are a few of the other things. Trek fans can discover grand wildlife, and even engage in bird watching. Trekking is a big attraction here, so tourists return to some form of the trek or the other. This area of experience gives a fantastic understanding of their own culture and people. As the air is pristine, trekking in the season gives the best view of hills and the sky is clear and blue.
Nepal being the home of many mountains and mountain biking is a paradise for adventure tourists. Nepal is a great Himalaya’s homeland. There are lots of sky-touching hills that are challenging and mountain collections that offer a great opportunity to the tourists. Nepal is among the best trekking destinations. Besides trekking, tourist can enjoy sightseeing of gorgeous landscape, lush All-natural vegetation, exotic wildlife and drama of snow-wind and clouds

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