CodeBlue Explain Why it is Vital to Protect Your Data

No matter what business you are in, protecting your data is mission critical. But disasters, hacks and accidental losses DO happen. CodeBlue’s Data Backup and Recovery service monitors your data backups and ensures your data is protected at all times, and their intelligent, proactive service will secure your data and business intellectual property, shielding you from the financial impact and reputational damage that loss of data could result in.

You may not be aware of just how much your organisation’s data is at risk from a system crash, a power outage, fire, IT security attacks and much more, so it is critical you have a plan to backup and recover your data in the event of a disaster, and this is where CodeBlue come in with their Data Backup and Recovery services as a comprehensive approach for small and mid-sized organisations to backup and protect their data.

CodeBlue have created a unique, three-tiered approach to data backup and recovery, with Basic, Advanced and Premium tiers being selected, according to each customer’s requirements, and operated as part of CodeBlue’s managed IT support service. This three-tiered approach ensures they can customise a data backup and recovery solution to meet your organisation’s needs.

A Premium data backup solution is appropriate for many organisations, but the Basic or Advanced options may offer all the necessary benefits for smaller ones. CodeBlue recognise the need to understand your business before they can fully recommend the best data backup and recovery solution that will meet your business requirements.

Cloud technologies give you the opportunity to safely move your data off-site and held securely in a custom-built data centre, with a full backup and restore infrastructure, and CodeBlue uses the latest technology to help you migrate from older tape and on-site based backup systems to the resilient cloud based solutions.

CodeBlue’s experienced engineers implement your solution, backed by a National Operations Centre who are experts in managing and monitoring data protection solutions, so to find out more about backing up your data, cyber security Auckland and IT companies Christchurch please go to .

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