Virgo New Moon an Important Time for Change

At the end of August, there is a unique phenomenon set to occur in the astrological calendar. A particularly unique new moon will fall in Virgo. This new moon is exceptionally focused in Virgo because of Mars, Mercury and Venus each in close proximity to focus the energies.

So what does this mean for us? This new moon has a centred, earthy background. This symbolises a time of purity. A fresh start, a time to focus on clear thinking and clean living. The universe has aligned for the purpose of focusing our mental and physical health. This gives us the state of mind we need to overcome things that have been challenging us, boundaries we have placed and any toxins in our lives.

The arrangement of the planets during this time places 7 out of 10 of them in what is known as ‘mutable’ signs. This is an important symbol in the astrology world. It can mean that this is a time of heavy change in our lives. A time to be fluid and flexible and just go with the flow. If we allow the universal energies to take hold of our lives, we will come out of this season more evolved as humans.

During this new moon the sun, the moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are all going to be present in Virgo. This focused Virgo energy means it is a great time to declutter and re-evaluate your priorities. This could be in the form of Marie Kondo’ing your house, or decluttering your friends list and redefining your self-worth.

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