Prayer Time NYC Use to Find the Accurate Prayer Time in New York City

Prayer time NYC is going to provide accurate times of all five prayers for all citizens of New York City. Your all queries about prayer times are going to be solved. Here you will find all detailed information about all five prayers, follow the right time to get the right way to be a good Muslim. AS offering prayer is our first and foremost obligation, which is gifted to us by Allah Almighty in the form of Salah.

Offering prayer five times in a day vanish your sins as taking bath five times in a day wash every particle of dust from your body. So say the prayer at the right time should be the first priority. In Holy Quran, it is mentioned hundreds of times to say the prayer but unfortunately a number of Muslim does not care. Here you will find a solution against all five prayers timings and much more about Islamic prayers.

All Muslims know that Prophet (S.A.W) brought this gift for His Ummah from Miraaj. Prayer is the basic pillar of Islam. It is also scientifically proved that prayer is full of advantages. It’s known as the best exercise all over the world. Prayer keeps us healthy, robust and hale. Prayer correspondingly commemorates our mind peaceful and dovish.

Moreover, prayer provides closeness towards Allah. Men or women can prevent themselves from many social moral evils. Prayer averts us from bad talk or boldness. In non-Muslims countries, Muslims are facing many problems against their worship like the accurate time of prayers, mosques and other things.

Islamic prayer time NYC is going to solve this time problem. Firstly its duty of the municipality of New York to provide correct timing for saying the prayer for their Muslim community but unfortunately it is not. It is straightly again and again mentioned in Islam to say the prayer at the proper time. Hence prayer timings NYC is trying to feed the proper time of saying the prayer in New York City. Now anybody can get the exact timing of prayer in the city at any time from any place.

As in Islam, it is the duty of every person to contribute to the preaching of religion, So in regard to this, providing prayer timings is a way to serve the community. In Muslim countries there are a number of mosques, so people don’t feel any problems regarding prayers and their times due to the fact of Athan. But in comparison to non-Muslim countries mosques are rare therefore people disturbance in finding the proper time of prayer. Get down in front Allah Almighty on five times a day is the best way to get success. As everyone knows the Athan include the words “come to success”, indeed its way to a successful journey. From here every Citizen of New York or from any other place can get benefit from provided times of all five prayers. May Allah show his countless blessings on all Muslims.


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