About Municipal Solid Waste and Safe Disposal

MSW (Municipal solid waste) is currently among the major concern areas the world over. There has been witnessed rapid increase the amount of municipal solid waste due to increasing growth of population and urbanization. There are various factors based upon which waste composition varies like socio-economic factors, climatic condition and living standards, etc. Using municipal solid waste incinerator, it is possible to keep the surrounding and the environment safe.

What is municipal solid waste all about and its sources?

It is commonly referred to as garbage or trash and comprises of items that are used on a day to day basis and thrown away once its use it completed or no more required. It can be grass clippings, product packaging, bottles, clothing, furniture, food scraps, appliances, newspapers, batteries, paint, appliances, etc. All this waste comes from businesses, hospitals, schools and homes.

If wastes are not properly treated and store, it can produce foul smell that will only pollute the surrounding region and air, thereby affecting seriously the lives and health of those around, including the environment and wildlife.

Improper solid waste management and its negative effects

Wrong and poor waste disposal methods undertaken by the municipal waste management employees may only cause wastes to accumulate in huge amounts and heap up, thereby, posing to be a major health and environment concern. It is a fact that people need to clean their places of work and homes every day, but end up littering their surroundings, thereby affecting the community and the environment.

Such dumping of unwanted and harmful waste materials only compel biodegradable materials and make it to decompose and rot under uncontrolled, unhygienic and improper conditions. But foul smell is likely to be produced once the wastes start to decompose, thereby making the place to become a wonderful haven for variety of diseases to emerge, thus causing infections in insects, animals and humans. Besides this, it also tends to spoil the area’s overall aesthetic value and makes it appear very bad to the eyes.

Solid wastes that are generated in the different types of industries are termed to be source of hazardous wastes, toxic metals and harmful chemicals. The solid wastes, once released in the environment, only causes physicochemical and biological problems to entire environment, thereby affecting or probably altering soil productivity in the region.

At times, toxic chemicals and materials might seep within the soil, thereby polluting ground water causing it to get contaminated. During solid waste collection process, hazardous wastes are found to mix with various flammable wastes and ordinary garbage, thereby making the entire disposal procedure to seem risky and even tough.

Moreover, hazardous wastes such as batteries comprising of zinc, mercury or lead, pesticides, cleaning solvents, e-waste, radioactive materials including plastics mix with paper along with other scraps and burnt off to produce gasses and dioxins. Such toxic gasses do have the potentiality to cause different types of dangerous diseases including the dreadful cancer.

Small animal Incinerator is perhaps the best available solution to keeping the region safe and free from harmful wastes.

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